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Total Commander

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25.03.20 Release Total Commander 9.51 final

Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: With some preview handlers, a minimized Lister couldn't be restored any more by clicking on its taskbar icon (32/64)
Fixed: Edit comment (Ctrl+Z) didn't work with option "DOS charset" when the current encoding wasn't "Western" (32/64)
Fixed: Lister: Disallow Explorer preview (mode '8') for font files due to a security hole in Windows font handler. Can be enabled manually after Microsoft releases a patch via wincmd.ini [Configuration] FontPreview=1 or FontPreview=2 for only Windows 10 1607 or newer, where fonts are loaded outside the kernel (32/64)
Fixed: Find files: Ignore last (incorrect) semicolon in "Search in" field when searching in multiple paths, e.g. c:\path1;d:\path2; (32/64)
Fixed: Files - Create Checksum File(s): When creating separate checksum files per file or folder, skip all files in subfolders which have the same extension as the created checksum, e.g. create sha256 checksum -> skip all with extension .sha256 (32/64)
Fixed: Command line, CM_LIST and CM_LISTINTERNALONLY: Delete trailing spaces from name (32/64)
Fixed: Synchronize dirs with ZIP archive: Remove warning about stuck ESC key, which was shown when closing warning about read-only ZIP archive with ESC (32/64)
Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: Preview could hang when holding down '8', 'n' or 'p' key (32/64)
Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: Hotkey '8' invoked switch to Explorer preview twice (32/64)
Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: Open Quick view panel and separate Lister with Explorer preview each, close Lister so Quick view panel gets focus -> hotkeys like ESC no longer worked (32/64)
Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: Open 2 Lister windows with Explorer preview, close one

Ked program nainstalujete tak ho zatvorte, do adresara kam ste si ho nainstalovali si nakopirujte prilozeny subor wincmd.key a program by mal potom pri dalsom spusteny nabehnut uz ako registrovany. Nepouzivam Windows tak ruku za to do ohna nedam.

Nemáte oprávnění prohlížet přiložené soubory.

Nosce te ipsum.


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