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Xtrend ET6500 Images.

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magic-merlin - egami

Příspěvekod vikino » 10 srp 2013, 22:32

image magic-merlin base egami 08.08.2013

news image magic-merlin base egami 3.0 ,kernel 3.8.7,multiboot

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warning in picture no longer install the dream image, because the binary nfidump to need a permission from the author, I just deleted nfidump my source if you want to install an image of dream it will recover nfidump2 binary and rename nfidump magicboot and transfer in / bin with chmod 755, the rest of his alter

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Here the list of ipk for et9x00 and et6x00.
you SEVERAL solution is to use the ipk you unzip the package and install the ipk you want manually or unzip to the root of the hard drive and you use software that is created virtually an http server and provides access to the list ipk directly on the usual list


selected menu, choose the directory where et9x00 et6x00 or et5x00 or et4x00 and here and your server is ready

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tar xzf /tmp/serveur-local-ipk.tar.gz

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then installed the server-local-ipk.tar.gz package in your etxx00 and changed the IP and inserted the local ip of your pc in the file located in / etc / opkg his concerns only file that is ip the rest untouched

thx loulou2000

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